FuoriSalone 2010: Evento Sensible at Spa Design 2010

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During Spa Design 2010 at Superstudio 13, architectural studio D73 created the AMA.MI installation featuring Eiffelgres porcelain stoneware tiles, while in studio 2 Eiffelgres proposes a new way of presenting porcelain stoneware tiles.

Milan Furniture Fair, Italy, from 14 to 19 April 2010.

FuoriSalone, from 13 to 19 April , Milan design week.

FuoriSalone 2010: Evento Sensible at Spa Design 2010

Double date for Eiffelgres at Superstudio 13 during Home and Spa Design 2010, an exhibition of wellness design and materials. Studio 2 hosts Evento Sensible, an installation by Mauro Bellei proposing a new way of presenting porcelain stoneware tiles. Sensibile, a collectiondesigned by Bellei, is based on the theme of light and the installation recreates a "strange" kind of gym in which products are presented actively and dynamically, suspended from the rungs or lowered from above. The observer may walk around the tiles and note that changes in the observer’s point of view either emphasise the product’s texture or do away with it so that it appears to be a uniform solid colour.
The Home and SPA Design exhibition covers 1800 square metres with ten theme projects proposing materials and technologies for the private wellness area and the bathroom. Eiffelgres products were chosen for the AMA.MI project by Studio D73, in which the architects recreated a Home Spa.
by Agnese Bifulco

studio 2 project installation: Mauro Bellei
Design: AMA.MI with Marco Vismara and Andrea Viganò (STUDIO D73)
Rendering: STUDIO D73
Location: Superstudio, Milan, Italy


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