French National Library, Paris


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On July 14, 1988 President Mitterand of the French Republic announced that he intended to build the world's most advanced library in Paris, as a "grand projet de l'Etat".

French National Library, Paris
The towers' glass wrappers have sun filters which refract light through crystalline prisms, so that reflections are multiplied and shadows enlarged.
By night the four buildings are surrounded by a halo of light coming from inside and culminating at the top of each building, as if they were lighthouses. The result is an enchanting scenario, as light is diffused in the square below while the towers are reflected in the waters of the Seine.
Across from the square is a huge garden, where an atmosphere of silence and serenity dominates, giving the visitor the sensation of being suspended in time. Inside the building one room follows upon another, like a series of stage sets, each with its own strong identity, creating a strong impression in the visitor's mind.
There is a reading room open to the public containing 1600 seats and another one reserved for scientists and researchers with over 2000 seats.

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