Free Shoes, Montesilvano, Pescara

Shopping Centers, Store, Sport & Wellness,

Location: Montesilvano, Pescara, Italy
Free Shoes, shoe shop
Client: Mare Blu srl(Gruppo Globo - Nicola Di Nicola)
Architect: Arch. Conrotto
Location: "Delfino" shopping mall, Montesilvano (PE)
Materials:Rovere Grigio;Rovere Nero

Free Shoes, Montesilvano, Pescara Located in Delfino shopping mall in Montesilvano (Pescara),
Free Shoes is a shop that sells both
shoes and sportswear.
The colours chosen for the flooring were grey and black - Ariostea 90x15 Rovere Grigio and 90x15 Rovere Nero - highly evocative of the sensation of material, the modularity of which made it much easier to lay the tiles. The chosen colour and ease of installation are key features of this format, used to clearly identify two separate zones for customers entering the shop.
The aim of the project was to surprise, strike and thrill customers by putting the accent on the clothing on one side and the shoes on the other.
The shop’s designers (architect Conrotto, assisted in the concept by his son Gianluca) arranged the available space around two separate but closely linked containers.
The visitor’s eye is guided along a black wall with lights in
the brand colours, while the path marked on the floor guides customers toward a focal point presenting the latest new products.
The products used to pave the floor - Ariostea 90x15 Rovere Grigio; 90x15 Rovere Nero – were chosen for their ability to satisfy the need for a modular technical material which not only offers high resistance to pedestrian traffic but is long-lasting and, last but not least, offers aesthetic quality masterfully conveying a warm, welcoming mood.

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