Frank O. Gehry, Walt Disney Concert Hall. Los Angeles. 2003

Frank Gehry,

Los Angeles, USA,


One of the contemporary architect¿s most controversial works, it has ushered in a new era, like a milestone marking a turning point and an innovative way of designing buildings: Australian architect Frank O. Gehry¿s Walt Disney Concert Hall roused much controversy when first designed in the '80s, and was not opened until 2003.

Frank O. Gehry, Walt Disney Concert Hall. Los Angeles. 2003 A gestation period of over 15 years, at the end of which Los Angeles gained one of America?s most talked-about public halls and a building now considered an architectural jewel.
The building looks like a big sailing ship with curvaceous, undulating forms. It was built on Bunker Hill in response to Walt Disney?s widow Lillian?s donation of 50 million dollars for construction of a concert hall for the Los Angeles Philharmonic in 1987.

An international competition was held and Gehry?s project was chosen from among the 72 presented, at a time when he was known above all for his zinc houses and strange shapes.
The twisted, complex stainless steel building was to re-launch the city of Los Angeles in the world of culture, making it a landmark in contemporary music, art and architecture.

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