Frank Gehry Eisenhower National Monument, USA

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American architect Frank Gehry’s project has been chosen for the Eisenhower National Monument in Washington.

Frank Gehry Eisenhower National Monument, USA

In March 2009 the Eisenhower Memorial Commission appointed the American architectural studio Frank Gehry Partners to build a monument dedicated to American president Dwight D. Eisenhower. The commission met in Washington recently and announced that it had unanimously approved the design concept presented by the American architect. The chairman of the commission emphasised that the architect had managed to translate Eisenhower’s heritage into an enthralling visual experience. The project will stand on about two hectares of land at the base of Capitol Hill, with a stand of oak trees in the centre of the area and a series of 24 m high columns on the north and south sides with metal panels in between them illustrating scenes from Eisenhower’s life. Frank Gehry’s intention is to create a tranquil, contemplative civic space in which visitors can find out about the work of president Eisenhower.
(Agnese Bifulco)

Design: Frank Gehry Partners, LLP 
Pictures: Frank Gehry Partners, LLP
Location: Washington D.C., USA


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