Forum Guido Monzani

Silvio Cassarà, Ferdinando Forlay,



Forum, GranitiFiandre,

Location: Modena
Client: Forum Guido Monzani
Architects: Ferdinando Forlay, Silvio Cassarà and Maria Claudia Brighenti
Foyer Flooring: GranitiFiandre

Forum Guido Monzani The large space of the foyer is well-lit, enhanced by the choice of Rocwell White, from GranitiFiandre's collection "NewGranite", in which the dominant white features the presence of minerals with shades of gray and black to create a special grainy appearance. Particular care was taken with this space because its central position to the other elements allows accessibility from the outside as well as from the garden, and its spatial features means it can be set up for complex or simple events such as shows, exhibition stands, coffee breaks and informal gatherings. This area is also pivotal in connecting the auditorium and other spaces. Two modular meeting rooms can be accessed from the foyer, completing the conference and cultural areas.

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