Food + Coffee. ISV. Athens. 2004

Ioannou-Sotiropoulos-Van Gilder,

Athens, Greece,


Ioannou-Sotiropoulos-Van Gilder, known as ISV, has converted an anonymous '70s restaurant into a cosy modern café using innovative techniques, particularly in the use of glass.

Food + Coffee. ISV. Athens. 2004 As the clients requested, light is filtered and diffuse inside the café, not strong and blinding; it was necessary to use a material capable of preserving the bright colours of the sunset over the years and it was also important to insulate the café both thermally and acoustically, so that patrons can leave the suffocating heat and noise of Athens behind them on the street.
Stratified glass made all this possible.
From the aesthetic point of view, the intention was to reproduce the climax of an Athens sunset. Natural daylight was therefore replaced, inside the café, with "artificial" light thanks to the design on the façade.

A computer programme controls the variation of light on the façade throughout the day: software moves the clouds and changes the intensity of the diffuse light in the morning, afternoon and evening. The lighting system is installed in the 120 cm gap between the double layers of glass of the façade, controlled by a computerised timer. The panes of glass in the façade measure 4.5 m x 8 m, covering a total of 110 square metres.
The panes of glass rising from the floor to the ceiling are over 6 metres high. The tempered glass is 5 mm + 5 mm thick, with a digitally printed decorative intermediate layer 1.52 mm thick.
The decorative glass and the interior and exterior design solutions employed in the café make it an oasis with a unique relaxing atmosphere, created largely by the effect of light and colours.

Laura Della Badia

Photographs Leo Torri

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