Fiumara shopping centre


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Location: Genova
Designers: Design International: Davide Padoa (Principal, Managing Director) Paul Mollé (General Manager), David Jones (Design Manager)
Construction: summer 2002
Typology: shopping centre
Materials: GranitiFiandre
Total commercial area: approx. 26,000 m2
Number: about 120 units
Shopping centre parking lot: about 2,200 m2
Client: Coopsette, Municipality of Genoa

Fiumara shopping centre Special care was taken in the design of the "public pedestrian route" in the shopping centre, its main thoroughfare.
Clients Coopsette and Genoa city hall wanted the thoroughfare to stand out from the other routes in the centre.
The materials used in the finishes and flooring were chosen with the intention of creating a feeling of being outdoors even inside the buildings, in a sober, high class setting.
The materials had to be warm and soft yet rough, like the pavement in the winding lanes of the old city.
This is why the choice was materials from GranitiFiandre particularly suited to this purpose: Pietra Piasentina slate creates an elegant interior pavement, embellished with designs in Biancone, Travertino Romano and, in key areas such as those affording access to vertical links, Santafiora.
The materials chosen gave form to the project, enhancing and embellishing it while offering perfect strength and elegance.
The overall project was inspired by the clients' wishes and by the architectural and environmental context.
Additional sources of inspiration were the classic elegance of Genoa's Galleria Mazzini and the wind that whips along the Polcevera variety, which inspired the huge commas drawn on the shopping centre floor.

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