Finabe office building, Reggio Emilia

Studio S - Fabrizio Simonazzi,

Reggio Emilia, Italy,



GranitiFiandre, Granitech, ventilated façades,

Type: Granitech Ventilated Wall, System with visible hooks
Design: Studio S - Fabrizio Simonazzi Architect
Client: Finabe Srl
Surface area: 700 m2
Materials: New Stone Lavagna Structured 60x30 from GranitiFiandre

Finabe office building, Reggio Emilia In the first three floors, the two lateral bodies made of slate contrast with a central volume, set further back, with a glass wall. The continuous facade of aluminium and glass panels encloses the top floor with an alternation of full and empty volumes in which the building's structural grid is left in view, offering glimpses of the rooftop garden.
The part jutting out over the main facade drops down to ground level, a "dissonant" part of the modular scheme highlighting the big door in the central part of the building. This facade tapers off into a big triangle structurally defining its support and immersing itself in the water in front of the building.
"Just as fashion blends the sacred and the profane, femininity and aggressiveness,” says the architect, ”This design is based on the same canons, in a relationship that finds a common harmony in the purity of materials, in the clean lines of geometry and in the minimalist choice of materials".

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