Ferrater - Ayala Nuova Azahar Group offices

Carlos Ferrater,

Landscape, Sport & Wellness,

The client asked the architects to design a building that would mirror the group’s activities in environment, art and cooperation with developing nations.

Ferrater - Ayala Nuova Azahar Group offices

The new Azahar Group building designed by Spanish architects Ferrater and Ayala is an iconic building which maintains a close relationship with the landscape around it. To the north and west, the broken line of the roof seems to refer to the mountains which form its ideal backdrop. The geometry of the roof, which is also visible from inside the offices, follows the level curves and promotes cross ventilation as well as collecting rainwater for watering the gardens. The construction consists of two wings united by a central body, with two patios on either side: the first is destined for receiving the public, while the second is private. The patios make it possible to light up different rooms with natural, indirect light, making artificial lighting superfluous. The building’s four wings come together in the central distribution space, which is used as an exhibition space and showroom illuminated by skylights.
(Agnese Bifulco)

Design: Carlos Ferrater – Nuria Ayala, Emilio Llobat 
Photographs: Alejo Bague
Location: Castellon, Spain


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