Ferrari Store Milan.
Massimo Iosa Ghini. 2005

Massimo Iosa Ghini,


Free Time, Store,

Massimo Iosa Ghini's new Ferrari Store right in the centre of Milan has five levels, all communicating and visually "in contact", with a total surface area of 845 square metres.

Ferrari Store Milan. <br>Massimo Iosa Ghini. 2005 The entrance is identified by a window with a very strong visual impact created with leds and a Formula 1 car surrounded by a steel frame.
The world of Ferrari is evoked not only by the content of the store, but by the solutions used to define routes inside it, the choice of materials and technology, and the division of space and choice of furnishings. Plasma video screens, F1 accessories, gadgets and models are details that add to the atmosphere, along with car parts used as true elements of design.

Laura Della Badia

Pictures from: www.shop.ferrari.com

Maranello, two new buildings for Ferrari. Fuksas and Visconti, 2004
Wind tunnel. Renzo Piano. 1998

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