Ferrari Gallery, Maranello, Modena

arch. Tiziano Lugli,


Exhibition Center, Museums,

Granitech, GranitiFiandre, ventilated façades,

Location: Maranello, Modena, Italy
New Ferrari 2000 Gallery
Project type: New specialised building
Planning and Supervision of Work on Expansion of the Ferrari Gallery: arch. Tiziano Lugli
Materials employed: GranitiFiandre porcelain stoneware cladding on ventilated walls, Geotecnica flooring, GranitiFiandre technical ceramics for architecture
Ventilated wall: Granitech

Ferrari Gallery, Maranello, Modena The structure consists of a double wrapper: one of metal and glass, and another that is a sort of "spatial structure" characterised by strong transparencies.
Tiziano Lugli continues: "In the expansion, the grid-like spatial structure which originally supported the Cultural Centre's roof also fulfils the function of bringing together the round Cultural Centre building and the square Museum in a single complex, which becomes the unifying, signifying element in a highly asymmetrical structure".
The effectiveness of the architectural result is attributable to skilful use of the ventilated wall system consisting of GranitiFiandre ceramic slabs installed by Granitech.
The technical design principle behind the Granitech ventilated facade, which lies in the static independence and security of each slab in the face, is particularly effective when applied to a metal weight-bearing structure, in that the dilation joints on the aluminium elements and anchorages are sufficient to permit significant movement in the main structure and not interfere with it.

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