FENDI SHOP, Lazzarini & Pickering Architects,
Paris, France, 2001

Paris, Rome,

Sport & Wellness, Bar, Store,


At a time when the big names in fashion prefer neutral shops of hyper-minimalist design, Fendi prefers an architectural image strongly identified with its name for its sales outlets.

FENDI SHOP, Lazzarini & Pickering Architects,<br> Paris,  France, 2001 The well-known Italian fashion house commissioned Lazzarini & Pickering, a Roman design studio involved in everything from architecture to extreme design projects such as its award-winning "Wally-B" boat, to design its new shop.
The two architects have come up with a series of flexible, dynamic shops based on an infinite number of combinations of three basic elements: long three-dimensional frames serving as shelves, enormous tables that stretch from one room into another, and two-dimensional strips along the walls to hang clothes on.
The variety of combinations of these elements gives each shop an identity of its own while providing a unity of style that ensures that Fendi shops will be instantly identifiable everywhere in the world.

The new project began with the Rome shop in Via Borgognona, one of the city's most fashionable streets, where Lazzarini and Pickering transformed spaces by reinventing the relationship between customers and goods.
The two architects, indifferent to the great value of the items for sale, set up the shop like a bazaar: here bags are not exhibited like precious sculptures, but heaped on low platforms, while priceless furs are casually draped on the walls.
The new luxury is casual in style, reflecting the Fendi family's revolution in furs in the composite elegance and casual functionality of shop spaces.
The Paris shop is undoubtedly the most sophisticated of the eighty Fendi shops distributed all over the world: at the corner of Rue Francois and Avenue Montaigne, in the heart of Paris's shopping district, it appears discrete on the outside, opulent and elegant on the inside.

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