Fabi Boutique

Mapa architects,

Moscow, Russia,


Location: Tverskaya Street, Moscow
Customer: Fabi Spa
Date of project: February 2002 - August 2002
Date of work: July 2002 - November 2002
Designed by: Mapa Architetti Associati
(Mauro Angelini, Pierpaolo Cancellaro, Alessandro Germini)

Fabi Boutique Moscow is becoming more westernised.
This is true in the streets too, in their choice of shop windows and the fashion items on display. The Fabi Boutique, a single-brand Italian footwear store, has recently been opened in the vicinity of the Kremlin and the Red Square. The key to the project, by Mauro Angelini, Pierpaolo Cancellaro, Alessandro Germini, better known as Mapa Architetti Associati, is a striking direct interplay between these premises with a high-profile image and their impressive architectural surroundings in Tverskaya Street, a historic thoroughfare in Moscow.

It was a difficult, complex challenge.
And it was successfully solved by a lightweight architectural design, almost an installation, that determinedly blends in with the busy, monumental, chaotically traffic-congested urban fabric.

The Fabi Boutique stands out.
And it does so by dint of skilful lighting effects, and the clean, straightforward and direct lines of its composition. A store that is also eye-catching because of its clear-cut layout : four large shop windows allow passers-by to see the dynamics of the internal layout, revealing double-height areas, galleries and floors that interact with the light creating attractive plastic effects.

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