FAB One Night Events - Communication – FAB Milano

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FAB Architectural Bureau Milano pays homage to two key figures in bathroom publishing: Grazia Gamberoni and Oscar G. Colli, dedicating the May 5 event “Communication”, the first event in the “FAB One Night” series of events for 2016 organised in Fiandre and Porcelaingres’s multifunctional gallery.

FAB One Night Events - Communication – FAB Milano

FAB One Night” is a series of evening events at FAB Architectural Bureau Milano, the multifunctional gallery run by Fiandre and Porcelaingres at Via Solferino 40, returning starting on May 5.
The 2016 programme includes five events, a panorama of the contemporary scene comparing the past and the present of the world of communications and the visual and applied arts under the artistic direction of Paolo Schianchi, architect, teacher and director of the architecture and design portal Floornature.com
The first event in the series focuses on the theme of Communication under the title: “Grazia Gamberoni and Oscar G. Colli: The silent revolution in Italian publishing ”, paying homage to two key figures in the history of publications about the bathroom, who founded the magazine “Il Bagno Oggi e Domani” in 1973. The one night event will feature the two journalists in a discussion with well-known bathroom designer and ADI Lombardia President Ambrogio Rossari, Paolo Schianchi and reporter Mara Corradi.
From the seventies to the nineties Gamberoni and Colli drew the attention of architects and the general public to the bathroom and its design, as well as marketing as a strategy for expansion in the trade. They pushed the limits of a publishing industry that distinguished between topics that were worthy of publication and those that were not, and restored the dignity inherent in design to this once-neglected space in the home. At this One Night event, FAB Milano underlines the common theme running through bathroom design from the publication of the first magazine dedicated to the theme in the '70s to the web and the media of today.

(Agnese Bifulco)

FAB ONE NIGHT EVENTS: “Grazia Gamberoni and Oscar G. Colli: The silent revolution in the Italian publishing industry”,
Presented by Paolo Schianchi and Mara Corradi
Date: May 5 2016 at 18:30
Location: FAB Architectural Bureau, Via Solferino 40, Milan



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