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On June 19 Fab Architectural Bureau Milano, Fiandre and Porcelaingres's gallery in Milan, hosted the second event organised in collaboration with Floornature editors: “TAMassociati x Emergency, architecture as a tool for treatment”.

Fab Architectural Bureau Milano Video Tamassociati x Emergency event

Here is a video about the event “TAMassociati x Emergency, architecture as a tool for treatment” which Fab Architectural Bureau Milano dedicated to the Paediatric Centre in Port Sudan'and Salam Centre for Cardiac Surgery in Khartoum, hospitals designed for Emergency by architectural studio TAMassociati of Venice.

The event, the second organised by Floornature editors (Paolo Schianchi, Mara Corradi, Agnese Bifulco) in collaboration with the Fiandre staff, was held on June 19 at FAB Architectural Bureau, the Fiandre and Porcelaingres creative gallery and showroom.

After a word from Floornature CEO Stefano Luconi, and Thea Campioli of Fiandre Marketing, Paolo Schianchi, editor-in-chief of Floornature, introduced the evening's theme, “architecture as a tool for treatment” addressed by architect Enrico Vianello of TAMassociati and Gabriele Risica, cardiologist and coordinator of Emergency's Medical Division.
From Africa, referred to in the installation and images of Emergency hospitals, the discussion went on to look at a project TAMassociati completed recently for the association, the new Emergency offices which are about to be built in Milan. The Italian NGO won a competition held by the city of Milan for management and redevelopment of an abandoned school building in the city centre, as described during the evening by vice mayor Ada Lucia De Cesaris.
The event concluded with a finger food happening by chef Lorenzo Lavezzari.


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