FAB Architectural Bureau Berlin Transformation of a space

Volker Halbach,

FAB Architectural Bureau,

A new installation in the spaces of the Sarotti-Höfe opens on June 24, Tag der Architektur (Architecture Day) in Germany, completing the process of transformation of the FAB Architectural Bureau Berlin that began a year ago.

FAB Architectural Bureau Berlin Transformation of a space

The transformation of FAB Architectural Bureau Berlin will be completed in time for Tag der Architektur (Architecture Day) in Germany June 25-26, 2016.
Located in the former Sarotti am Mehringdamm chocolate factory in Berlin's Bergmannkiez district, the FAB Architectural Bureau Berlin was the site of a joint project implemented by the architects participating in the three workshops on "surfaces" (light, interactive and flexible surfaces).
The three workshops, held in October 2015 and January and April 2016, were coordinated and directed by Sally Below (sbca) + Volker Halbach (blauraum), curators of FAB Berlin. The first group defined the principal lines, designing a multipurpose porcelain structure extending into the room like a flying carpet, while subsequent teams of architects continued and completed the project, defining its uses and functions in an unusual new way of working.
In the second workshop ",interactive surfaces", a black floor was designed with colours and materials that create a contrast with the existing structure. In the final workshop, flexible surfaces, participants designed modular seats and a big curtain which wraps around the room and can be used for screening films and for a variety of other purposes.
The overall project prepared for FAB Berlin underlines the potential and flexibility of Fiandre's ceramic surfaces.
The exhibition opening to the public on June 24 will continue throughout Tag der Architektur and will document all the stages in the process of transformation.