EyeStop: hi-tech platform roofs, Florence

Carlo Ratti,


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EyeStop is a new solar-powered platform roof concept for the city of Florence developed by MIT SENSEable City Lab.

EyeStop: hi-tech platform roofs, Florence A new interactive platform roof for bus stops featuring touch-sensitive screens and electronic ink has been presented to the city of Florence.
The EyeStop project developed by MIT SENSEable City Lab (Giovanni de Niederhausern, Shaocong Zhou, Assaf Biderman and Carlo Ratti)
in collaboration with the Province of Florence and ATAF (the public transport company in Florence) will allow users to browse the web, calculate the best route to their destination, obtain real time information on schedules and traffic conditions, and find out about air quality while they wait for the bus.
"EyeStop could change the experience of urban travel," says Carlo Ratti, head of the MIT SENSEable City Lab.
The platform roofs are powered by solar panels on the roof which provide them with all the power they need.

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