Extension of Danfoss Universe park
Jürgen Mayer H. Nordborg (Denmark). 2007

Jürgen Mayer H.,


urban park, Playground,

Learning while having fun is the idea behind Danfoss Universe, a theme park in Nordborg, a Danish city in southern Jutland.

Extension of Danfoss Universe park<br /> Jürgen Mayer H. Nordborg (Denmark). 2007 The complex, which opened in May 2005, offers a series of pavilions and green areas leading visitors through the discovery of natural and technological phenomena and the mechanisms that make machines and devices work, allowing visitors to experience these phenomena and mechanisms firsthand.
Only two years after the park opened, the number of visitors required an expansion to serve more people with more attractions and services. Two new buildings were built with attractive names and forms: the Curiosity Center, an exhibition space, and the Food Factory, a restaurant and coffee shop.
The Curiosity Center, plays a particularly strategic role for Danfoss Universe, as its indoor spaces allow the park to stay open in winter, with exhibitions focusing on particular themes and educational initiatives focusing on scientific experiments.
Jürgen Mayer, the Berlin architect who designed the new buildings, imagined and built them to look like big clumps of earth rising out of the ground, invading the park and watching over the natural and built landscape around them. At the same time, their unusual geometry combining imagination with references to nature marks the boundary between landscape and green spaces on one hand, and buildings and technologies on the other.


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