Expo Milano 2015, Feed the Planet; Energy for Life opens - the best of the week

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Today is the official opening day of Expo Milano 2015, the World’s Fair Italy will be hosting until October 31, focusing on food and nutrition. Floornature has repeatedly discussed Expo 2015 in recent months, and now we look back at some of the most interesting projects we have covered.

Expo Milano 2015, Feed the Planet; Energy for Life opens - the best of the week

Expo Milano 2015 “Feed the Planet; Energy for Life ”, the world’s fair which puts Italy in the spotlight world-wide until October 31, 2015, is officially underway.
Floornature has written about Expo 2015 on several occasions, starting with presentation of theofficial logo  designed by Andrea Puppa; we now take a look at some of the most interesting projects covered.
Our overview starts with projects carried out in the city for Expo, works that will continue to benefit the community after it is over such as restoration of the docks opened on April 26 2015 or the Expo Village designed by MCA Mario Cucinella Architects, Teknoarch, B22 and Pura.
We have also discussed projects that have contributed to the presentation of Expo and preparation for the great event, such as: L'Agorà designed by Michele De Lucchi and Expogate by Scandurra Studio.

Going into Expo Milano 2015 itself, here are some of the pavilions presented so far:
The Zero Pavilion
Future Food District, the Food of the Future Pavilion
the Angolan Pavilion
the Austrian Pavilion
the Azerbaijani Pavilion
the Brazilian Pavilion
the Italian Pavilion
the Mexican Pavilion
the Qatari Pavilion
the Slovenian Pavilion
the UAE Pavilion
the Hungarian Pavilion

Floornature has also proposed itineraries for Expo, the first being places for enjoying good food in a designer atmosphere “Food design, where to eat during Expo 2015”.
The second is an invitation to visit the cities that can be seen in day trips out of Milan: Expo Milano 2015 day trips, and we are still working on other ideas!
Floornature’s editorial staff will be reporting on Expo Milano 2015 with images and posts from pavilions on the portal’s social networks. Follow us!


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