Europark - Salisburgo

Massimiliano Fuksas,

Salzburg, Austria, Austria,

Shopping Centers, Free Time,

Glass, Steel,

Location: Europastrasse 1, A - 5020 Salzburg, Austria
Client: Takenaka Europe, Düsseldorf - private client
Architect: Massimiliano Fuksas
Site managers: Concetta Schepis, Dietmar Haupt
Assistants: J. Machado, R. Lanning, B. Kaiser, F. Tranfa, J. Woelk, P. Anania, J. Kirimoto, J. Sato, G. Di Gregorio, S. Delisi, A. Viola, E. Fuksas
Supervision of construction: Ralph Boch, Suzanne Gruner
Engineering studio: Vasko & Partners
Contractors: SPAR Warenhandels AG, A-Salbourg
Project dates: 1994 - 1997
Start of construction: January 1994
Completion: September 1997
Surface area occupied: 120,000 m2
Materials: two-layered decorated façade and skylights from Focchi SpA
Current use: Shopping mall including 80 stores, 1200 underground parking spots, 600 rooftop parking spots

Europark - Salisburgo The roof consists of a huge wave of lightweight, clear mesh 140 m wide and 320 m long, running the entire length of the façade: the wave of the metal grid provides the architectural motif characterising the project.
This evocative reference to a marine motif not to be found in nature in Austria shelters the parking spots and provides an identifying landmark on a large scale. The continuity of this element is opposed by the dynamic, tense arrangement of the volumes below it, determined by the force of the "empty" interiors reserved for commercial space.
On the south side of the shopping mall, enriched with vegetation, is a refined play of reflections between the big wall of decorated glass and the pool of water divided by pedestrian routes, once again demonstrating the architect's special attention to the treatment of light and the use of transparencies.
Massimilano Fuksas explained the link between the architectural forms and the ocean wave, a foreign element in Austria, as inspired by Katherin Bigelow's film Point Break, in which the passion for surfing actual represents the passion for freedom of a man whose attempt to dominate the breakers is actually a struggle to subdue nature.

Laura Puliti


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