Ettore Sottsass, the Nanon House, Lanaken, Belgium

Ettore Sottsass,


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Ettore Sottsass,

The villa, built on a large flat lot surrounded by tall trees, is an unusual eight hundred square metre home designed by Ettore Sottsass for his friend Ernest Mourmans.

Ettore Sottsass,
the Nanon House, Lanaken, Belgium
The house has three bedrooms (on the first floor), a kitchen, a living room, a study and a large central courtyard; it also has a gymn, a sauna and an indoor swimming pool covering a total of five hundred square metres.

The architect dedicated the work to his friend's two great passions: raising birds and living surrounded by design.
For Mourmans is not only an art collector, but a protector of endangered bird species. His home, on the border between Belgium and the Netherlands, is designed in such a way to ensure that its inhabitants will interact as much as possible: this is why the Nanon house looks like a vision out of a dream.

Here as in Sottsass' previous projects, his interest in colour and basic forms is apparent; the designer manages to bring metaphysical values to life even in the most pragmatic day-to-day domestic reality.

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