Eric Owen Moss, Umbrella
Culver City, California

Eric Owen Moss,

Sport & Wellness, Theater,

The "Umbrella," is an experimental project, innovative in the in the use of material and courageous in its architectural formal approach.

Eric Owen Moss, Umbrella<br> Culver City, California Instead of the standard arrangement of outer offices and open desk areas in the centre, Moss designed a labyrinth of open and closed, normal and double height, separate and connected spaces equivalent to the Umbrella's structural flexibility. As he claims: "This is a place with no hierarchy, but of fluid and flexible spaces".
The project has won several prizes, one of which is the: "Saflex Glass Design Award, 2001". With great courage and vision, the design elements were reconciled with the technology, arriving at these results: " . .
An outstanding innovative use of material.
It is an incredible achievement: a new project. It's proof, given the opportunity, an architect can be extremely creative, innovative..." as the Judges of the award commented.

Shira Brand

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