Emilio Ambasz, Museums of Modern Art and Cinema. (MAMBA). Buenos Aires. 1997

Emilio Ambasz,

Buenos Aires,

Museums, Cultural Center,

Green, Cement,


Complex and articulated though finely balanced and well-proportioned: Emilio Ambasz's project for the modern art and cinema complex (Sur Cultural Complex) achieves its aim of integrating the different requirements and functions of two pre-existing structures.

Emilio Ambasz, Museums of Modern Art and Cinema. (MAMBA). Buenos Aires. 1997 The nineteenth century fabbrica della Tabacalera and a modern building in reinforced concrete were the protagonists of a project to unite the two structures from the urban and aesthetic points of view.
The Argentinean architect's idea was to build a large monumental facade capable of both revealing and concealing the pre-existing buildings. The project is based on the brick facade of the old factory as the same design is featured on the whole facade from which large brick pillars emerge.
Another special feature of the project is the idea of eliminating the original windows and planting trees in the gap between the old facade and the new wall.

This creative solution, though in line with the green architecture of Ambasz, generates a kind of screen which, as well as concealing the building and its deteriorated facade, protects the areas used for the galleries. The other facade, comprising a series of colourful mobile screens referring to the imagination and fantasy of cinema and art are totally different from this "vertical garden".
These solutions were also developed bearing in mind the specific location of the two buildings which lie between a busy commercial road to the north and an overhead motorway to the south.

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