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The Emergency Ward is a part of the overall renovation of the Ophthalmic Hospital (Rome Public Health Unit), a redevelopment project (completed in 2010) made necessary by the hospital’s obsolescence and changing needs in eye care.

Emergency Ward - Ophthalmic Hospital (Rome) First of all, the Emergency Ward was moved away from the main building into a separate building constructed during the fascist years. The restoration attempted to preserve the building’s original structure, both because it is protected as a monument of historic value and because of its vicinity to St. Peter’s and the Vatican Museum, in the city centre. In terms of its functions as a healthcare facility, the renovation project was intended to make the building more functional and therefore more efficient through more appropriate distribution of functions and routes (for instance, with shorter routes to the operating theatres) and making the existing buildings earthquake-proof. The architects faced several challenges: guaranteeing the utmost safety and hygiene, making sure the work did not interfere with operation of the hospital or disturb patients with noise, and guaranteeing the continuity of utilities (including supplies of medical gases).?
The floor and walls of the Emergency Ward were covered with Orosei from the Marmi Imperiali collection by Iris Ceramica, using the Active Clean Air & Antibacterial Ceramic™ productive process to give the material antibacterial properties, a particularly important feature in this context. In addition to this important parameter, the material’s performance, appearance, cost and ease of cleaning and installation were decisive factors in the choice of Orosei Active.

Studio Bazzi Srl?
Rome, Italy


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