Ellerbe Becket: the Guangdong Olympic Stadium in Guangzou, 2002

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The Guangdong Olympic Stadium, designed by the American architect Ellerbe Becket was completed in 2002 at Guangzou, a locality in China that will soon begin preparations to host the 2008 Summer Olympic Games.

Ellerbe Becket: the Guangdong Olympic Stadium in Guangzou, 2002 Despite the numerous references to local symbols, Ellerbe Becket has explained a fundamentally important point: his project does not reproduce the characteristics of traditional Chinese architecture, but merely makes reference to a number of features that are typical of the uses and customs of the area. In the words of a member of the project design team, Sabatini, "it was more important to say something about Guangzou, than about its architecture": meaning by this that they preferred to underline the natural wonders of the place, rather than copy the Chinese architectural characteristics.
The dynamism that emerges from the forms of this building is an authentic challenge to conventional modes of design, in that new ideas outside the norm have been put forward and tried, giving rise to one of the most original examples of contemporary architecture, which at the same time represents the symbol of a new and proud China.

Floriana De Rosa


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