Ecocittà, ricette verdi per salvare la metropoli

Dubai, Rome,

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On May 27 Diana Alessandrini’s new book “Ecocittà, ricette verdi per salvare la metropoli” was launched in Rome, completing the City Trilogy including EccentriCittà. Le metropoli del terzo millennio, and RicliCittà. Riuso delle aree urbane e cultura del costruire.

Ecocittà, ricette verdi per salvare la metropoli Ecocitta, ricette verdi per salvare la metropoli” (Ecocity: green recipes for saving the metropolis) by Diana Alessandrini is a voyage across five continents to present environmentally sustainable solutions and experiments that didn’t work. The author asks questions about the type and extent of green measures adopted by cities, starting with the Eur district in Rome and the former Alenia industrial district in Turin, Italy’s first car-free district, to continue with the Rotating Tower in Dubai and Gleisdorf “or sun city” in Austria. Her book interprets the economic crisis and the repeated environmental emergencies that are forcing us to give priority to conversion to renewable forms of energy, energy conservation and use of environmentally compatible materials. The book also makes a contribution to understanding strategies for communicating about the metropolises that get the most coverage in the media thanks to widespread public interest in ecology and environmental sustainability.

Title: Ecocitta. Ricette “verdi” per salvare le metropoli
Author: Diana Alessandrini
Publisher: Editrice Palombi

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