DuoMo Hotel. RIMINI. Ron Arad. 2006

Ron Arad Architects,



Interior Design,

Like many of Israeli architect-designer Ron Arad's creations, the DuoMo Hotel speaks a composite language, in which the boundaries among sculpture, architecture and design seem to no longer exist.

DuoMo Hotel. RIMINI. Ron Arad. 2006 This hotel, created in the center of Rimini, is located inside an antique building, but its materials, colors and forms are extremely modern. A futuristic project, therefore, which interprets a new concept of hospitality: increasing attention to environments and visual well-being.
The interiors of the DuoMo Hotel are suspended between reality and fantasy, and have been purposefully designed to offer something different, with a strikingly international spirit that does not forsake the main functions of a hotel: to offer an opportunity for relaxation and serve as a place of meeting and representation.
In reality, DuoMo Hotel is the result of work done by a team, made up of Ron Arad, Fabrica and several key figures from the world of Italian design who had the chance to freely articulate their expressive creativity, concentrating on the idea of working towards contrasts, through light, shadow and transparency. Ron Arad's idea was to modify the perception of the façade, covering it in a new skin and designing an entrance that frames the reception area. Indeed, the reception area presents itself like a large metallic, luminescent ring obliquely positioned in the main hall.
With this solution, the relationship between interior and exterior becomes more permeable, made of continuous exchanges of views and perspectives: this result is also enhanced by the enormous door. The rooms, (which total 34 plus 9 suites) feature soft, rounded lines that are repeated in most of the furnishings and accessories. All the rooms are equipped with every comfort imaginable as well as the most advanced technologies and are divided into three different types: Urban, more colorful and design-focused Loop with more comforts and large, 18 square meter bathrooms, and finally the Dreaming Room suites, each one different from the next and equipped with a mini-pool and private garden. Here as well, the relationship among the different environments becomes more ephemeral, as demonstrated by the large portholes that allow for communication between the interior spaces of the individual suites.
Movements of light, shadow and color contribute to create a highly suggestive and welcoming atmosphere.
The result is a hotel born not for the sake of luxury, but to offer a very personal image, an exceptional identity that is immediately recognizable. The structure is complete with a wellness center (Rabu), a club-bar zone (NoMi) that is set up across spaces that resemble large inlets, and the business center halls, for meetings, seminars and presentations.

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