Dunshaughlin Civic Offices
Grafton Architects, Ireland, 2001

Grafton Architects,




The Dunshaughlin Civic Offices complex is a place of the future. Physically accessible office space by day, it is also useable at night, when the computerised exterior acts allows users to interface with the services offered in the building.

Dunshaughlin Civic Offices<br> Grafton Architects, Ireland, 2001 The building is at its most sculptural in the canopy over the entrance: designed as an imposing cantilevered volume, it underlines the building's potential for congregation and socialisation, gathering people together and offering them shelter. Its imposing mass is lightened and given a touch of motion by a series of squares open to the sky: light flows through the cement, draws it, gives it motion and dynamism.
The stone floor picks up the movement of the public road and leads to the building's entrance, as if inviting people to come in. The architects note that "Precedents exist not only in this territory but also in the tradition of many small-scale but very beautiful civic structures in Irish towns, like courthouses, libraries and small churches that manage to assert a civic presence as the product not of size but of poise, grace and dignity. The Dunshaughlin project seeks to be part of this family of civic buildings."

Francesca Oddo


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