Dresden. New synagogue. Wendel Hoefer Lorch Hirsch

Wendel Hoefer Lorch Hirsch,

Dresden, Germany,



Dresden¿s new synagogue stands on the site Gottfried Semper¿s synagogue stood until Kristallnacht on November 9 1938.

Dresden. New synagogue. Wendel Hoefer Lorch Hirsch The interior of the building is very different from its exterior, which is more compact and concentrated.
The solution employed involves insertion of a series of metal elements suspended from the roof, giving the synagogue a particularly airy, light appearance.The furnishings are made of wood and bronze ? materials chosen for their ability to create a bright yet warm atmosphere.
Natural light flows in from above through a series of square skylights, while artificial lighting comes from thin metal wires suspended from the ceiling and ending in "drops".The cultural centre contrasts with the synagogue, presenting a series of openings with wooden finishes. Wood also appears in the partition walls inside the building. Despite the use of different solutions, the synagogue and the cultural centre share a monolithic character, as if they were intended to create a well-defined space sheltered from the outside world. Construction of the new complex was funded by the regional government of Saxony, the city of Dresden and private foundations.

Laura Della Badia

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