Donnelly Gallery-Residence. Claudio Silvestrin.
Dublin. 2002

Claudio Silvestrin,

Dublin, Ireland,

Housing, Residences, Gallery,

Stone, Wood,

One of the works that best represent the expressive language of Claudio Silvestrin, an architect who favours simplicity and clarity without ever becoming banal or cold.

Donnelly Gallery-Residence. Claudio Silvestrin.<br /> Dublin. 2002
The search for an essential nature and elegant minimalism is also reflected in the choice of materials, which are few, but well chosen. The floors are made of Lecce stone, while the doors are made of durmast. The dominant colour is white as in many of Silvestrin's works and it further emphasises the sunniness, lightness and transparency of the whole building.
The result is a space with a rarefied, serene atmosphere, which encourages reflection and observation. The absence of any superfluous details of decoration or furnishing means that attention can be concentrated on the works displayed and these become the real protagonists, together with the design of this timeless space.

The impression is that of a building reaching out towards the sea, in a constant, open dialogue with the surrounding countryside, with the sea, the isolated rocky shore that is its home and the many-hued greenery of the vegetation.
Exactitude, sobriety and visual order - typical characteristics of Silvestrin's works - combine here in a fascinating natural balance.

Laura Della Badia

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