Dominique Perrault
Expansion of Mariinskiy Theatre
St. Petersburg

Dominique Perrault,

Saint Petersburg,


Steel, Glass,

Investigation of intentionally innovative forms of urban equilibrium, a desire to make a binding mark, capacity to apply technological innovation to doing architecture: the art of Dominique Perrault, confirming the French master's aspiration to alter existing constructions in order to modify the way we perceive them, appears once again in the expansion for St. Petersburg's Mariinskiy Theatre.

Dominique Perrault<br> Expansion of Mariinskiy Theatre <br>St. Petersburg Between this "shell" and the innermost part of the theatre, a second wall of glass helps form a public space where there will be cafés, restaurants and shops. The innermost structure, made of black marble and glass, will enclose the concert hall, characterised by a series of red and gold projections.

This second lung will solve the problem of lack of space in Mariinskiy Theatre (dedicated to Maria, wife of Czar Alexander) which has forced the Opera and the Ballet to reduce the scale of their productions and take turns using the theatre. The project was chosen from among 11 finalists, including 5 Russian projects and 6 foreign ones, for its intention to begin the architectural rebirth of the "Venice of the North" with a statement of surprising expressive force.

Laura Della Badia

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