Dominique Jakob & Brendan MacFarlane
Georges Restaurant, Centre Georges Pompidou

Renzo Piano,


Landscape, Sport & Wellness, Restaurants,


A new restaurant on the sixth floor of the Pompidou Centre.
One of Paris's most characteristic buildings, one of the most famous monuments of modern architecture, built in 1977 by Renzo Piano and Richard Rogeres

Dominique Jakob & Brendan MacFarlane<br>
Georges Restaurant, Centre Georges Pompidou Dimensions
900 square metres of restaurant space and 400 square metres of patio space

Completion of construction in January 2000

The 80x80cm modular grid of the floor takes up the theme used in the Centre Pompidou. A play of forms "raises" the grid to insert a series of volumes below it. The new potential of computer technology was used to design and create these amorphous volumes

Spaces and intimacy on different levels: interiors (in amorphous volumes), interiors/exteriors (the rest of the covered restaurant area, outside the volumes), the nearby outdoor area (the restaurant patio), the distant outdoors (the city).

Interior volumes are covered with rubber in a variety of colours (red, yellow..) while the outside is covered with aluminium-coloured panels

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