Dominique Coulon renovates the municipal swimming pool in Bagneux, Paris

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Dominique Coulon has expanded and renovated the municipal swimming pool in Bagneux, on the outskirts of Paris, creating a building that interacts with the neighbourhood. Dominique Coulon has placed a new concrete volume containing a hall and a solarium terrace before the existing pool building.

Dominique Coulon renovates the municipal swimming pool in Bagneux, Paris

Bagneux, a residential suburb to the south of Paris, has a new municipal swimming pool, the product of a renovation and expansion project by Dominique Coulon et associés, winners of the project competition. It took five years of work from the first sketches to completion of the renewed sporting facility in Bagneux, a project implemented on an existing building at least 60 years old which had fallen victim to poor maintenance. Bagneux mun icipal pool was the product of an anonymous form of construction that standardised housing developments and factories, private and public buildings of all kinds, stripping the landscape of its identity by eliminating all recognisable gathering places. The concrete swimming pool building differed from the linear constructions of the housing projects, which now look like a series of cuts in the layout, only because of its low height and absence of windows.

In view of the need to preserve the existing building, primarily for budget reasons, Dominique Coulon came up with a plan to renew the building’s image and spaces and add new functions. A new volume on two levels now stands in the area overlooking the old block, containing new spaces for pool-related activities such as a hammam, sauna, lounge area, etc. The building extends outward in a lower suspended volume containing the ground floor entrance hall, with a big open terrace above it with wooden flooring, on the same level as the pools. Both made of concrete, the old and new building each maintain their own independence thanks to an empty space cutting through the complex longitudinally, in which a big arch, broken up by pillars arranged like a blade, tapered at the base and inclined in alternating directions, has been designed citing the design of the existing pillars supporting the roof over the pool.
The original volume has been given an external insulating layer and a continuous façade with a sunshade that characterises the side where the entrance is. The big arch that now stands across from it helps shelter the pools inside from the sun, casting long shadows over the terrace, where the bathers can relax in the shade.

The blue colour of the water is a theme that pops up in all sorts of details: it’s the colour of the big eastern wall of the old building, where the “mute” concrete vibrates with colour and becomes the outstanding feature of the neighbourhood; blue also appears in the irregular blocks of Luserna stone used to pave the foyer in “opus incertum” style and in a number of finishes; the existing seats have also been painted blue, contrasting with the white of the swimming pool area and the pillars. 
The straight lines and right angles on the outside of the volumes are softened inside the spa, hammam, sauna and lounge area, where the boundaries of space cease to be definite and the concept of the room as protective cocoon prevails.
With its glassed-in hall, its terrace overlooking the neighbourhood and the continuous façade offering people glimpses of the inside, Bagneux municipal pool dialogues with its surroundings, opening up to the community sports facilities that were previously shut in by their anonymity. 

Mara Corradi

Progetto: Dominique Coulon et associés, Architects
Capiprogetto: Dominique Coulon, Benjamin Rocchi
Collaboratori: Arnaud Eloudyi, Sarah Brebbia, Gautier Duthoit
Committente: Communauté d’agglomération Sud de Seine
Luogo: 1 avenue de Stalingrad 92 220 Bagneux (France) GPS : 48.804271, 2.317933
Construction site supervision : Agence Olivier Werner

Ingegenria e consulenti
Structural Engineer : Batiserf Ingénierie
Mechanical Electrical Plumbing Engineer : Alto Ingénierie
Cost Estimator : E3 Economie
Acoustics : Euro Sound Project
Superficie utile lorda: 3431 sqm
Inizio Progetto: 2009
Fine lavori: 2014

CARI (structure), DBS (waterproofing, roofing), Reithler (exterior joinery), SPR Bâtiment et industrie (external insulation), Myrtha Pools (stainless steel metalworks), Darbois (interior woodwork), ERI (metal works), Luso plaque et plâtre (plastering and painting works), Koehler & Fils (tiled and screed works), Etandex (resin floors), Euro-ascenseur (elevator), Huard (electricity), Guiban (heating, ventilation, water treatment), Suede Sauna (sauna – hammam)

Fotografie: © Clément Guillaume, David Romero-Uzeda

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