Dima Wellness Sports and Health Centre

Bar, Sport & Wellness, Offices,

Green, Wood,

Location: Nuova Florida, Ardea (RM) - Italy
Client: Gruppo Di Mario
Architects: G7 Architetti Associati: Ena, Negri, Postano de Vincentiis
Partners: Silvia Verde, Elena Nespeca, Andrea Magli, Alfredo Dusmet
Air conditioning system: Eng. Guido Guida
Electrical plants: Eng. Romolo Caroni
Structures: Eng. Giorgio Cortesi
Project dates: 2003 - 2004
Construction date: 2004
Builders: Dima Costruzioni S.p.A.

Dima Wellness Sports and Health Centre The Centre is strongly characterised not only by the definition of volumes and the organisation of space, but by all finishing elements, especially the materials used in the finishes. Materials are chosen to emphasise the centre's elegant image, carefully studied down to the tiniest detail despite its simplicity.
Black and white are the dominant colours, in High-Tech Black Ardesia and Albino Light stones from Ariostea.
These materials are particularly resistant to wear and highly practical in terms of maintenance, making them perfect for spaces used by hundreds of people every day; at the same time, their structured finish, particularly the slate look of Black Ardesia, gives spaces a particularly elegant, simple look. This is accentuated by juxtaposition with the matt white of Albino Light, which is also even in tone, containing very subtle stripes. The surface treatments are highly effective, slightly accentuated in Albino Light but with a definite orientation in Black Ardesia.

Laura Della Badia .

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