Design studio, LaScalaLocation, Studio Lucchese, Milan




Lighting Design, GranitiFiandre,

Location: Milan, Italy
Year: 2007
Materials employed: Geodiamond, New Ground and New Stone floor and wall tiles by GranitiFiandre

Design studio, LaScalaLocation, Studio Lucchese, Milan LaScalaLocation, home to Studio Lucchese, is located in Milan’s Bovisa district, at Via Schiaffino 25. This is one of those parts of Milan that is being continually renewed: in the '60s the Bovisa district was one of the city’s most important industrial centres; in recent years the district has been given a facelift following the arrival of the Politecnico di Milano faculty of engineering, architecture and design and the new Triennale Bovisa.
The LaScalaLocation building on three levels offers a variety of different facilities to meet the needs of different types of events it may host: flexible spaces to contain offices and studios, but also exhibition galleries and rooms for meetings, conferences and video screenings.
Like many other facilities in the area, the building is the product of conversion of an old industrial plant. The renovation project maintained the building’s original character both inside and out, as exemplified by the large staircase linking the building's three levels.
It stays true to the original but is at the same time transformed into a hi-tech interactive space with dramatic use of light and domotics by BTicino.
Thus the stairwell becomes an original 'vertical' exhibition gallery where products may be shown 'suspended' over glass consoles in the centre of the stairwell.
This arrangement ensures that visitors climbing the stairs from the ground floor entrance to the dining area on the second floor are able to observe the objects on display from all angles, enjoy a continually changing point of view and see things in different ways.

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