Des Moines Public Library. David Chipperfield. (USA). 2006

David Chipperfield,



Glass, copper,

In the Western Gateway Park in Des Moines, capital of the state of Iowa, architect David Chipperfield has designed a new central library intended to be the cornerstone of a wide-ranging redevelopment project.

Des Moines Public Library. David Chipperfield. (USA). 2006 The building stands in a park which the city authorities have planned to redevelop and improve a large part of the city with leisure facilities and accommodations.Linearity, geometric design and formal simplicity are the hallmarks of the central library, which won a competition held in 2001.
Its position alone is enough to make the building the key to the entire project, for it is located at the point where Gateway Park meets the city, at the eastern end of the park. In the same way, its external configuration and internal structure are designed to promote the library's relationship with the city and its inhabitants through solutions continuously offering opportunities for interaction between inside and out.
These include, for example, the distribution of space and the large panes of glass allowing visitors to see the park from any location. Even the shelves are arranged to ensure that they do not block the view outside. This sense of openness and interaction with the surrounding space also appears in the Gateway Gallery: an internal gallery which maintains visual contact with the park from all points.

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