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Rising Moon is a plastic moon made out of recycled water bottles, the prize-winning temporary pavilion created by Daydreamers Design to draw attention to the importance of environmental issues among festival-goers at the traditional Chinese autumn festival.

Daydreamer's Design Rising Moon Pavilion Hong Kong

The Festival of Lanterns is an annual Chinese festival held in September and October. Daydreamer's Design designed a temporary pavilion for the 2013 festival in Hong Kong using recycled plastic bottles in place of the traditional paper lanterns.
The concept behind the project is a geodetic dome representing the moon, for the event is also known as the Festival of the Moon, a Chinese symbol of reunion with family and friends.
The pavilion volume is made up of modular triangular constructions assembled on site. The triangular modules are covered with a total of 4800 five-gallon plastic bottles, with an LED in each bottle to create special light effects. 2300 little plastic bottles are suspended inside the dome, while the centre, 20 m in diameter, is left entirely open to let daylight in.
The reflection on the water amplifies the light effects and makes the construction look even more like the moon. The project promotes Hong Kong’s image as a sustainable city, for at the end of the festival the installation was taken apart and completely recycled.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Design: Daydreamer's Design
Location: Hong Kong
Images courtesy of Daydreamer's Design



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