David Chipperfield, City of cultures, Ansaldo Area, Milan, 2000

David Chipperfield,

Milan, Genoa,

Bar, Sport & Wellness, Museums,


English architect David Chipperfield was entrusted with the project for redevelopment of the old Ansaldo industrial area in the city centre, near Porta Genova.

David Chipperfield, City of cultures, Ansaldo Area, Milan, 2000 The architectural complex will arise inside the perimeter already built, around a central courtyard with a characteristic flower shape: this arrangement offers a number of benefits, including the creation of a new transitional space between the outside and museum activities which may be used for related activities, not necessarily display space.
The entrance is on the ground floor, in a transparent block made of glass and mirrors; the first floor will host exhibition spaces and the auditorium, while the top floor will house a restaurant overlooking the courtyard, with an entrance separate from the rest of the building.

Chipperfield says that an exhibition facility must not only have didactic aims, but also offer citizens a resource, a landmark and a place for dialogue, and this is the philosophy behind his museum complex.

Floriana De Rosa

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