Dasparkhotel - Andreas Strass. Linz, 2006

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Living in a pipe? Fantastic, as long as it's a designer pipe! There is a hotel where the rooms are made of pieces of cement piping.

Dasparkhotel - Andreas Strass. Linz, 2006 The Dasparkhotel in Linz is a truly unique place to stay, a truly new experience that might at first appear suffocating. But it turns out to be great fun!
Andreas Strass's idea certainly seems strange, but the Dasparkhotel is always full, proving that the cement pipes make comfortable, intriguing rooms. The hotel is like an outdoor campground: the rooms have a double bed and electricity, but the bathrooms, café and shop are in the big garden around them. And to prove that even cement can be romantic, the pipes have windows so you can watch the stars in bed.
Leipzig already had something like this, the Hotel Everland, a single-room hotel-shell designed by Swiss architects Sabina Lang & Daniel Baumann for installation on the roof of the city's Contemporary Art Gallery.
The shapes and materials are different, but the experience is similar. A proliferation of accommodations of this type demonstrates that people's expectations for holidays and travel are changing: they want to try out innovative new forms and styles of temporary living.

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