Darsena inaugurated in Milan


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On April 26 the Darsena, the historic dock that is a landmark in the city of Milan, reopened after a restoration project completed for Expo Milano 2015.

Darsena inaugurated in Milan

The City of Milan decided to redevelop and restore the Darsena, the city’s historic dock, for Expo Milano 2015. The project selected in a competition held in 2004 is by a group consisting of French architect Jean François Bodin with architects Edoardo Guazzoni, Paolo Rizzatto and Sandro Rossi.
The project encompassed three key aspects: creation of a navigable body of water, replacement of the old market with a new one, and transformation of Piazza XXIV Maggio into a big paved pedestrian zone.

On April 26 a big public celebration and plenty of events were held to inaugurate the whole area: the new Darsena, a dock with a walkway on either side paved in red brick, one along Via D'Annunzio and the other on the opposite site, along Via Gorizia; the new market between Via D'Annunzio, the new piazza and the water; the new Piazza XXIV Maggio, with important new features: traffic has been moved to the edges to make the piazza a pedestrian zone, LED lighting has been added, there is a new pavement that fits in with the city’s historic look, and a new fence has been built to protect a historic oak tree. The project also included reopening of the Ticinello canal, which was covered over in 1930, and restoration of two bridges: one with three arches dating back to the 16th century (Ponte delle Gabelle) and one with a single arch constructed in the 18th century.

(Agnese Bifulco)

Images courtesy of Mara Corradi
Images courtesy of Comune di Milano

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