Daniele Menichini draws his inspiration from the woods for Ai Cadelach Hotel

Daniele Menichini,

Milan, Treviso,

Sport & Wellness, Hotel,


Architect Daniele Menichini drew his inspiration from the woods for the hotel’s interior design. The natural element prevails in both the design choices and the installations for saving energy, recycling and ensuring sustainability.

Daniele Menichini draws his inspiration from the woods for Ai Cadelach Hotel Architect Daniele Menichini preserved the original building?s structure, with its old stone walls, and the internal distribution of the rooms, consisting of an entrance with a wardrobe and the door to the bathroom on either side and access to the bedroom through the middle.
The bathrooms have tiles that look like hewn stone, but it is in the bedrooms that the architect?s design concept is clearly stated: “a forest summed up and reconstructed in a room, as if to break with the environment while at the same time ensuring its continuity with trees on the outside and trees on the inside”.
Two walls, one of which is a mirror, with overlapping stylised tree motifs facing one another. In the desk area they are vernished shapes, while the in bed area they are different types of wood placed opposite one another to create an interweave of branches and trunks which is reflected to amplify the effect of the forest. Each bedroom is decorated with woods, colours and textiles chosen to represent the tree species typical of local forests.

Agnese Bifulco

Interior design project: Studio di Architettura Daniele Menichini
Location: Revine Lago (Treviso), Italy
Illustrations: ALMA PHOTO - Milan



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