Customer Centre Porsche

gmp von Gerkan, Marg and Partners Architects,




Location: Lipsia, Germany
Designer: gmp - von Gerkan, Marg und Partner - Architects Prof. Volkwin Marg and Hurbert Nienhoff
Project team: Holger Betz, Rüdiger von Helmont, Helga Reimund, Mehinard Rudolph, Beate Kling, Frank Anacker
Realization : April 2001 - May 2002
Materials: GranitiFiandre
Client: Porsche Leipzig GmbH
Gross floor area: 8.800 m2
Volume: 52.000 m3
False ceiling: Knauf (supply) Werner Trockenbau (installation)
Roofing: Dachland AG (installation)

Customer Centre Porsche The so-called event area consists of a circular event hall with presentation stage, gastronomy, and exhibition gallery for historic vehicles. The open plan concept allows for a flexible use for events of all kinds.
A small auditorium and the kitchen in the level located below complement the spaces provided.
The socle building and the core of the Customer Centre are built in reinforced concrete and serve as stiffening elements to the circolar tower, which is designed as a pure steel structure can therefore be omitted.
Both construction principles are perceivable due to the façade formation and the visible load-bearing elements in the interior.
The comprehensive design concept conceived by gmp defines a uniform, structuring design for the exterior space of the overall premises.
It is therefore possible to perceive the different parts of the factory, which have been designed by different planners (production plant, test track, off-road track, Customer Centre), as a unit. (From the project report)

Text by gmp
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