Cun Design’s Blue Moon Studios

Cun Design,

Wang Ting, Wang Jin,

Beijing, China,



A huge quantity of concrete is cast every year to construct new buildings in fast-growing China. But luckily there are also architects who reclaim old buildings, such as Cun Design and the headquarters of filmmaker Blue Moon Studios.

Cun Design’s Blue Moon Studios

Cun Design is a Chinese architecture and interior design studio that recently designed the new premises of filmmaker Blue Moon Studios. Their starting point was an old concrete and brick house, the outer structure of which has been preserved; the building provided Cui Shi with inspiration for the style concept developed in the project.

The graceless concrete pillars and brick walls of the original construction are still visible at Blue Moon Studios, but they acquire a whole new look when paired with contemporary finishes, glass, wood, pop icons on the walls, clapperboards, neon lights and computers.

The final effect is one of a sophisticated space, suitable for a production house and just hipster enough, but still capable of making anyone who works there feel welcome and at ease.

Francesco Cibati

Year: 2016
Location: Beijing, China
Floor space: 500 sqm
Design: Cui Shu – Cun Design – www.cunchina.cn
Photos: Wang Ting, Wang Jin