Cultural center

Contemporary spaces dedicated to the spread of knowledge – universities, conservatories, nursery schools and libraries – are carefully selected by Floornature to show the innovations and technical and aesthetic developments in educational buildings. Large-scale, versatile and multifunctional projects are joined by local experiments, like enlarging and restoring buildings with a great symbolic value. The projects show a common desire to create spaces where people can congregate and share knowledge, without spatial or temporal constraints.

Curated by Mara Corradi


Islamic cultural centre and mosque, Rome<br> Paolo Portoghesi


Islamic cultural centre and mosque, Rome
Paolo Portoghesi

In this project, as in most of his constructions, Roman architect Paolo Portoghesi reveals his...

Terry Farrell<br> International Centre for Life, Great Britain, 1996


Terry Farrell
International Centre for Life, Great Britain, 1996

The International Centre for Life Trust asked "Terry Farrell & Partners" to design a scientific...

Zvi Hecker<br>Jewish Cultural Centre in Duisburg, Germany, 1996-1999


Zvi Hecker
Jewish Cultural Centre in Duisburg, Germany, 1996-1999

Zvi Hecker created an unusual building for the Jewish Cultural Centre between the old Duisburg city...

Marion Cultural Centre, PP+ARM<br> Adelaide, Australia, 2002


Marion Cultural Centre, PP+ARM
Adelaide, Australia, 2002

Marion Cultural Centre is a daring work of architecture: its aesthetics may not be easily...

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