Crèche Lauzin (nursery)
Studio Davar Panah-Sarre. Paris. 2005

Studio Davar Panah-Sarre,





A long stripe of colours on an old building that used to have an inhospitable look with a featureless façade. Paris architect Shohreh Davar's plan for the new nursery in Rue Lauzin makes colour and colour combinations the outstanding feature of the building, along with light and the transparency of its façades. The colourful world of childhood is reflected in the multicoloured façade of stratified glass.

Crèche Lauzin (nursery)<br> Studio Davar Panah-Sarre. Paris. 2005 The project required 200 square metres of PVB (polyvinyl butyral) intercalary pieces for stratified glass of different shades in average sizes of 2.40x0.60 metres.
Their vertical arrangement was chosen by the architects and by Van Santen (responsible for the engineering of the façades) to give a more slender, dynamic look to a building which is prevalently horizontal in orientation.
This extremely simple architecture is designed to precise criteria both inside and out: creating a welcoming environment for the children who attend the nursery and responding to their specific needs while fitting into the urban fabric around it harmoniously and helping to add new life to the area.
The project received a special mention in the Solutia Design Awards 2005.

Laura Della Badia

Photo: Serge Brison

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