Council Offices. Formigine (Modena), Italy. Studio Amati. 2006

Studio Amati,


Town Hall, Public Buildings,

Glass, Steel,

In Formigine, in the province of Modena, the building of new Council offices is an interesting design project, not only for its attention to eco-sustainability and energy saving, but also because it is one of the first works created in Italy though Project Financing.

Council Offices. Formigine (Modena), Italy.  Studio Amati. 2006 In the single floor basement, spaces have been created for car-parks, workshops, council archives and technical rooms. Its formal cleanliness meets with a decisive design that makes the complex highly recognisable as part of the urban panorama.
Particular care has been taken over the choice of materials and all are cutting edge in terms of maintenance and bioclimatic properties. The two buildings have different formal profiles, materials and textures, but have been designed for architectural integration, in order to create unity within the complex. This is aided by the large covering of the piazza between the two buildings, which offers a common space for strolling and meeting. The complex met its planned building time and cost and was designed with an eye towards unity, integrating all its components: the civil works of the structure, its systems, furnishing details and the its maintenance and management.

Laura Della Badia

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