Construction of ventilated wall
at the "Università Castrense" Medical Centre




Retraining, Granitech, Ariostea, ventilated façades,

Location: S. Giorgio di Nogaro (UD), Italy
Construction: February 2007 - December 2007
Design: Europrogetti S.r.l., Udine, Italy.
Claudio Pantanali, engineer - Cristina Bianco, engineer - Flavia Tomba, architect.
E-mail: info@europrogetti.ud.it
Builder: CI.ENNE.E. S.C. Società Cooperativa - Tavagnacco (UD), Italy
E-mail: info@ciennesc.it
Ventilated facade: Ariostea-Granitech ventilated facade with aluminium supporting structure and visible supports
Materials used: Ariostea High-Tech marble cladding

Construction of ventilated wall<br /> at the Finally, use of Ariostea high-tech marble slabs ensures that the weight borne by the building's metal load-bearing structure is not too high, thanks to the limited weight of Ariostea slabs as compared to natural stone, and helps make the laying process flexible and versatile, permitting elements to be cut directly on-site for faster installation.
"Dry" technologies are the construction technology of the future, allowing rapid, constant construction work, exact correspondence to the design and high final quality.
Unfortunately builders and architects tend to be very traditional and resistant to use of these new methods, which, if used with the Italians' renowned imagination and creativity, would be a very useful new resource for architects and construction firms.
The ventilated wall system offers the most complete synthesis currently available of the technical qualities and performance required of wall cladding to ensure wellbeing inside buildings.
The system's flexibility makes it perfect for either new buildings or renovation of damaged old buildings, in which case it offers an excellent option for recovering existing constructions. In compositional terms too, the ventilated wall opens up new possibilities for expression by combining different materials, textures and surfaces.

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