Concert Hall, Potsdam, Germany.

Potsdam, Germany,


The opening of the "Nikolaisaal" on August 27, 2000 made central Potsdam an exclusive stage for concerts and special events once again.

Concert Hall, Potsdam, Germany. In this place the visitor is carried away by the spatial experience and the architect?s learned interpretation of it. There is little elegance in the details and objects; a certain sobriety prevails, and is intentionally dramatic.

The concert hall itself is almost entirely white, and its soft forms make it look even lighter than it really is.
It is compact, long and vertical, with plastered walls that look as soft as clouds; the surfaces of the walls are interrupted by gigantic bubbles, which have a technical and acoustic purpose but look like magma thrust out by a force hidden within the walls.
The light is diffuse and radiant; the luminous ellipses of the stage lights are projected onto the walls, illuminating the bubbles, which cast shadows of the same shape.


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