Commerzbank Arena, von Gerkan Marg & Partner Frankfurt, 2005

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Frankfurt's Commerzbank Arena hosts football competitions, and is itself the product of a competition - one held by the Commerzbank Group in 2000 for construction of a stadium for national and international football matches.

Commerzbank Arena, von Gerkan Marg & Partner Frankfurt, 2005
And that's not all: the stadium also has lovely terraces - some of which offer breathtaking views of the city skyline - as well as administrative offices, press conference rooms, kitchens, a fire station and even four cells for detaining vandals. The parking lot, an essential feature in a complex on this scale, is proportionate to the stadium's capacity. The stadium participates in the "Green Goal" environmental project, collecting and reusing rainwater.
Frankfurt stadium has been well-received by the public and the client alike, to the point that some have even dared to compare it to the Coliseum!
"They give the oval construction something of the massive appearance of a coliseum - who wouldn't start to tingle with excitement when approaching this arena?"
Do you need any more incentive to visit Gerkan Marg & Partner's stadium? We'll see you at the Commerzbank Arena, then.


Architects Gerkan, Marg & Partner
Max Bögl GmbH, Neumarkt

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